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Are there any practical applications of this knowledge?

Not that there has to be. I value knowledge for its own sake, and for the stepping stone it always is to greater knowledge. But I am curious.


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It's a great app I picked up a couple years ago.

Anytime you're online, no matter what you're doing, if you see a story or picture, or comment, or video, or anything else that interests you and you'd like to look at it later or keep it for any reason, you just click the share icon that's on pretty much everything, and it keeps it all in one place organized by folders you label yourself.

Mine are like "helpful", "movies", "things I want to buy", "tech stories", etc. Just whatever articles or videos or links you're interested in or want to keep for whatever reason.

Another thing I like about it is that it strips out ads and popups so you can just see what you want to read or watch.

The basic version is free and is really all you'll probably need.


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Brilliant idea. Saved link to Instapaper and bookmarked.

Will this be updated and/or expanded for more details? I'm thinking especially for plastic to plastic, as there's so many kinds and not all will work with the same glues.


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I was all set to criticize the focus on texture without mentioning how it tasted. Then I read the attention to consistency was apparently deliberate, and that working on taste would be next.

That makes sense to me. Texture and consistency tend to be much harder to replicate. Get that right, and taste is relatively easy to get right.

At least that's my interpretation.


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I don't see any references to when the changes occurred, or began occurring. Only descriptions of what the plants looked like after domestication. I chose that link specifically for that reason since I was only relaying that they look different now compared to before.


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This isn't speculation. This is settled information about the changes that've been made to the most popular and widely consumed vegetables and fruits.

You're comparing young fruits and vegetables with what ripe ones looked like centuries before.

You're also referencing more obscure plants and variations as if they're representative of the more common ones that have the widest distribution. They aren't.

Your conclusions and claims are inaccurate and in bad faith. That's not just disingenuous and misleading - it's outright false information and has no place on this sub.


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Several are from wikimedia commons and the link to each plant is under its pic. It's not remotely intuitive, but of the ones I was going to link, I thought this one had the better side by side pics. This is one of the others that was better sourced.