Rickshmitt t1_j7zfkbg wrote

For a person who works in the trades and gets screwed by a bigger company, i could NEVER have afforded the 10k it would have cost me from the company they work for. My panel was rotten. Water leaking from the cracked duck seal at the box, my stove was on half a breaker. Inspection missed it when i got the house and i was running my stove on that.


Rickshmitt t1_j7z1nse wrote

When i got my panel done, i was never going to hire the company to do the work. Would have been 10k. The only option was to hire the guys i worked alongside during new cons. We knew eachother, not the bosses in their offices.


Rickshmitt t1_j7vxspu wrote

Youll get a MUCH cheaper price that way. I did the same for my electrical panel. As a painter, i can do the job for even less than half the price my company charges.

Though id never take a job from someone we did work for. Conflict of interest