Ripcord t1_j94piwv wrote

No less pointless than so, so many things people do especially in their spare time.

Like, speedrunning might be a similar waste of time that a ton of people seem to be into just for the challenge.

Or, what about just watching TV? Sitcoms and whatnot. People do that for hundreds and hundreds of hours. Or watching cat videos.

At least these guys were challenging themselves.


Ripcord t1_j4lgimv wrote

This isn't a democracy.

It's a subreddit run by specific people with specific rules, and you are under no obligation to comment anything. It's intended to be a place where people actually try to be positive or at least not negative for a change. Which is a nice little island in a massive sea of negativity on all the other subs.

If you can't resist being pessimistic for a little bit, this isn't the place for you.