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Be worried if we re-elect Trump or worse, DeSantis. Biden is old and Harris isn’t well liked, but she could be the first Indian American President.

Capitalism doesn’t care about democracy. We need to pass free trade between democracies, and taxes for tyrants if we want to temper capitalism’s tendency to exploit cheap labor & resources.

India is the world’s largest democracy and one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Just wish you weren’t surrounded by so many authoritarian regimes.


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Too bad Truman and Nehru didn’t hit it off well. I’m glad the US came around decades later. It took Clinton to unlock India’s great talent by increasing H1-B visas and allowing US back office outsourcing. India sends us your very best and produces some of the best managers to run complex organizations.

Now if we can just figure out how to tap Iran’s vast pool of talent we can put another bad chapter to rest!


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Your species relationship with food dictates a lot about how your eyes evolved.

In many land animals who eat primarily with their faces in their food they have an inner eye lid tied to the jaw muscle that closes during eating to keep food debris out. You can see the vestige of ours in the pink muscle stub in the inner corner of your eye and compare it to the full version found in your dog, cat or bird.

The placement of your eyes is also related to what you eat. Herbivore animals often have horizontal pupils, their day predator animals often have circular pupils and their night predator animals will frequently have vertical pupils.

In humans our ability to see in color was in part due to our evolution with gauging the effort to eat ripe fruit. This also improved our fore arms as more than legs and improved our hand eye coordination and thumb evolution.


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Can you sharpen it? Vegetable peelers are one of those things that people should replace every couple of years. You’ll see a world of difference in performance and reduce the risk of injury.