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Where the park entrance is off Harford there is a basketball court and large grassy area parallel to the road. That entire area is wet all the time. I think the Run is expanding or the underground tributaries feeding the Run are. I’ve seen other large wet areas as I walk my dog in some of the fields. The whole park needs to be evaluated. Right now there is only 1 way for handicapped, small children or older people to get in the park. The neighborhood trail entrances are not maintained and not what I would consider safe for a casual walk.


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I've gone to Towson, Waverly and Parkville YMCA's. The staff at all of the locations I've been to are outstanding. I haven't used their personal trainers, though. I mostly use the pool. The locker rooms are a decent size and clean. The Parkville location is the main one I frequent. There are avid Pickleball players and folks on the cardio machines and weight floor. The crowd is mostly older when I'm there which is between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.. I don't see a ton of families there with babies or young kids but there are a few. I go during the week.


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I don't mind when someone does that BUT they've parked way far away from the main entrance. I can appreciate someone wanting to take care of the paint job on their car. Parking like that up close to the entrance is just asking for it to be keyed.