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These riders are assholes. If they want areas to ride legally there are areas and competitions for this, maybe not much in RI, but travel to MA, CT. Small state, less options. Even if City/State builds them riding areas, the assholes will still ride the streets and torment the law abiding citizen. Their criminals, not tax paying contributors to the overall good. Fuk'em.


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I've posted before about this project. Typical RI/Prov BS. This guy was footing the entire bill for building and infrastructure. But no, the talking heads have pushed the man out. I guess jobs and no cost to tax players isn't of any value to those whom think for us.


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Buy more land, look into agricultural loans and tax breaks, protected land, farm, forrest, land trusts. .... Actually look into the aforementioned prior to purchasing the land. My guess is you'll need 3.5 to 5 acres or more to qualify.


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Reply to Pellet Stoves by dantronZ

$500 a ton for good pellets is not feasible, they should/will be less "if" you can find them right now. The issue at this point of the season is your cost to buy, install and fuel isn't worth the cost. Suck it up for a 2 more months, revisit this then.