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It is noble of you to want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately there are very evil, conniving people out there.

These people target anyone who is naive and willing to give them a chance to be friends. They have nothing but time on their hands to be nice to you, have benign conversations , all the while keeping notes on everything you say, reading your other posts, finding clues as to where you live or go to school.

Please be careful and find a safer way to make friends. Have you spoken to your parents about being on Reddit? I am guessing they too would be concerned It is a scary world out there.


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You can have mass health and probably will pay a small amount for it every month. It depends on your income level. Standard mass health pretty much covers most medications and you might have a small co pay. There are different mass health plans like the ones on the connector. Mass health will let you know which ones are available to you and if you have a small insurance payment every month. As far as mass health taking your assets, please look up the information on the mass health website. I doubt you have much to worry about. Edit here it is MassHealth may recover assets from:

Any members who received care after age 55 or older, or

Members of any age who were permanently in a long-term care or other medical facility (like a nursing home


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I go to a small local pharmacy that is connected to Health Mart. I never have any problems at all. I was sick of CVS running out of meds, giving the wrong amounts, saying prescriptions were ready and they were not when I got there.

I have no idea what virtual checking is, other than maybe holding the bottle up with pills to a screen and being checked by a pharmacist somewhere else?

Politicians need to stop being allowed to fill their pockets by big pharma and the insurance companies so those in the medical field can do their job the way they were trained. They cut so many corners, it is unsafe for everyone.


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You really want to move to Taxachusetts?

There are some decent parts of Leominster and Fitchburg, but you won't find an apartment there. Everywhere else in those cities is pretty bad. Tough neighborhoods with the run off from the other big cities moving in.

In saying that, those neighborhoods are not like the pictures you see of Boston, Detroit, Chicago, LA that are filled with tent cities of the homeless, trash everywhere and burning vehicles. They are just changing from the nice, hardworking neighborhoods of the past. The rents are still high in those areas.

Rents are high everywhere in Mass , causing homelessness and squeezing out of the middle class.

I would seriously educate yourself on the areas at least 40 minutes out around those areas. Take your time and learn about the areas and go from there. $1200.00 a month for rent is going to be difficult to find.


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What is your take on the note tied along with the greenery to the bench? How did you feel when you found it?

It doesn't look like someone accidentally left it there. It is tied into place.

I wonder if someone disappeared at the park? Died there? And the person who left the gift/note hasn't seen the absent person in their dreams lately?


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Socks that keep the feet warm, dry and that can be layered. I can't remember the name of the socks I found at Marshall's, but they weren't too thick so several pairs could be put on. I worry about the homeless having wet, cold feet and if they have a cache of socks they can change them frequently.


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I can only tell you from what I know and see working in the field. One of my clients in particular, has been fighting metastatic cancer, has 1 disabled child and has been on housing waiting list for 10 years. She pays full rent price, barely making ends meet. In her building the tenants below her are illegal aliens, get section 8 housing, etc. The landlord asked why my client is still on the list when this family arrived here this past summer and has subsidized housing. I'm not into spreading false information, if you research for yourself you will find the information. There are statistics available on government websites, etc . Ask and look around.


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Write letters to the politicians supporting the homeless. Housing is being provided for illegal aliens and though I don't want anyone to be homeless, I feel for the citizens and the families with kids living behind buildings and in the woods. Public pressure is the only way to make the politicians act! Politicians should take the money the lobbyists give them and provide housing.