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I think you got me confused for some other person.

I certainly think we need to be cognizant of how government officials can abuse their power and waste my tax dollars, but I'm certainly not an ACAB person. I want more cops.


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I don't think it's some great injustice that Happy Trees got brought down.

My issue is that it doesn't feel like there are the appropriate amount of resources being allocated to a situation I think is far worse. Happy Trees is just a case of visible misallocation of resources to me.


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Sadly this is true. They often do it in groups too. One is selling. One controls money/gun. With optionally a lookout. Then someone drives by every so often to pick up cash to make sure they aren't holding so much that they become a target to other criminals. Also police can't get them with possession & firearm or confiscate too much money as the dude with the money hasn't done anything apparently illegal.

Occasionally you'll see a Porsche or Ferrari pull up and talk to them. I wonder if those are just rich dudes buying drugs or the people running the show. I think the latter since they seem to stay and chat and I never see them buy.

I think if they were inconvenienced enough by being arrested so often, they would at least move their operations. I imagine moving operations would result in a hit to sales.

But I'm sure RPD doesn't want to increase their simple possession charges.