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Haters will hate, but you can't argue with the guy's ratings. I think that Crossing Broad hit the nail on the head.

Personally I was entertained by him many mornings. I do, however, blame him for Donovan McNabb not panning out as well as he could have. Cataldi and his bandwagon of buffoons booed McNabb on draft day because they wanted Andy Reid to draft Ricky Williams. I always thought that was rotten thing to do.


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When he went after Ron Pearlstein (diamond merchant) Herb was in my bosses office a lot. I worked at a jewelry store and my boss was a certified gemstone appraiser. Herb would come in with new brides to have him appraise diamonds that their husband's bought from Ron Pearlstein. Basically, Pearlstein would sell them a rock and say it was "grade A" quality but in reality it was a C+ at best (the terminology isn't A, B, C, D etc. but I'm keeping it simple), not that anyone could really tell without looking at it through a microscope.


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Yes, Philadelphia will let you reduce her wage tax for the 1.5% paid to Wilmington. The issue is that the DE tax is probably in the area of 5% and your PA tax is 3% leaving an excess 2% that Philadelphia won't give credit for. That's the issue in the Zilka case I mentioned. If Ms. Zilka wins then that could translate into a 2% raise for your wife as Philly will have to credit the excess DE tax against the wage tax.


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I'm a State and Local Tax partner with a somewhat large firm in Center City.

You've got a somewhat difficult situation with working in Wilmington & living in Philadelphia. Your federal return may be easy but your state and especially city filings aren't. I'd say that $500 is probably a bargain and I'm very surprised that E&Y would even touch them for that price (I certainly wouldn't).

Have they at least filed any protective refund petitions for you while we wait for the PA Supreme Court to issue a decision in Zilka v. Philadelphia Tax Review Board? That's a case that would probably positively affect you if it goes the plaintiff's way and you ought to consider a protective petition for 2019.


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Philly is a one party town and has been since the late 50's. Maybe someday you'll realize that the only way to make changes is from within. The current crop of mayoral candidates is actually eclectic. I have to think that there's one candidate that checks most of your boxes. You can register D and vote for them or hope that they win in May and then you can vote for them in November when it will be uncontested.


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Well then I'm sorry but your best course if action is to register Democrat and vote for the candidate that best suits your interests. Wishing for open primaries and ranked voting will get you nowhere unless you can elect Democrats who will push for those changes.