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I think it somewhat depends on the library’s collection, but overall you’re right. I think a big thing is the feeling of scarcity. If you decide not to buy something at a chain store, you can expect it to be there the next time you’re there. The same is true of the library, though you may have to wait for it. At a used bookstore, that may be the only copy that ever comes into that store. If you don’t buy it and don’t write down the name/author, you may not ever be able to find it again.


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I don’t think it’s true that B&N has only a sliver of books that have been through a few printings. I’d guess only 20 or 30% of the store is new releases. What’s boring about a B&N is that each time you go is mostly the same experience because that other 70-80% of books gets reordered from the publisher when a copy is bought, whereas a used bookstore could have entirely new books from one visit to the next.