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Evolution. The monkes who couldnt move their legs after sleeping on it got eaten.

Most likely this distinction between nerves happened first in Amphibians or Reptiles and goes way back to the first land vertebrates who actually had to deal with the weight of their own bodies.

If Fish dont have this distinction then my guess is right


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I knew this, but I still don't understand why they don't melt over. If snow is a good insulator, and the inside is above 0ªC, then why doesn't it melt? I suspect the snow reaches a balance between the outside and the inside that keeps its integrity, but shouldn't igloos drip water from their ceiling?

There is also a famous "Ice Hotel" made completely from ice. I remember watching people walk around inside it fairly light dressed and yet there wasnt any water at all.


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Did you know there was a species of flightless swimming bird akin to the Penguins on the North Pole? They were called Great Auk:

Anyways, we hunted them to extinction in less than 20 years after their discovery.


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While I agree there is a mainstream sentiment of "If I cover my eyes it doesn't exist" towards Holocene ELE and the Eco-Climatological Collapse, which subsequently contributes to a sort of despise for "doomers" and thus the prolongation of our global apathy to Earth, I dont think these people are telling me "Cixin Liu rotted your brain".

In any case, I think they are warning me of the dangers of information, which let me tell you are very much real.

Thank you for having my back though. You are a bro.


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Oh yeah the imaginary girlfriend was too much even for me. That was some incel level stuff if I have to be honest.

And Im honestly not liking Cixin books, not because of the plot but because of the writing. It wanders off too much and they way he phrases things sound odd most of the time. Probably because of the huge differences between mandarin and english. But Im not re-visiting these books regardless. Im powering through the last ones just because Im already commited to the time I dedicated to the previous ones. Stockholm Syndrome I guess.


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You are right saying Im just depressed and there are things that can give us hope that we can change and make a better world.

But on the other hand the Holocene Extinction is the 6th mass extinction to have ever happened in 4,5 billion years of natural history. This is the biggest extinction since the K-Pg Extinction that killed the Dinosaurs, except this one is not caused by an Asteroid, this one is caused by a single species: Humans. The damage we inflicted on the global ecosystem can not be fixed, because evolution requires million of years. The species we wiped off the Earth are gone, and Earth as a whole is in a very real danger of total Eco-Climatological Collapse.

Unless we start making our own species with genetical engineering to fill ecological niches and somehow block Sun's radiation to lower Earth's temperature, this is an issue that will linger for literally million of years. We took Earth for granted, Human concept of time is much faster than the time it takes Earth to heal.

These are matters of the outmost importance for me. Much more than my own life. I understand the science behind it and its discouraging.

EDIT: Please don't downvote me just because Im being painfully honest. You have all the right to disagree with me, I respect all ideas, including the ones that contradict mine. But downvoting my words only serve to keep these issues under the rug. Reddit automatically hides comments with negative vote count.


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"Doomerism" cant be immoral because its not an ideology, its a psychological symptom of an apathic society.

And its not entirely irrational because lead experts of several scientific fields are saying that half of the animal species will be gone in the next century and billions of people will be displaced by rising sea levels and extreme weather.

All the meanwhile popular media like The New York Times publish articles such as "A small nuclear war could delay climate change by 20 years"

Im not trying to defend my "doomerism" (actually I would love to get rid of it completely) but you gotta understand that Im not crazy, the world is.

There are subs like r/Futurology where "doomerism" is a serious topic discussed by professionals. Again, Im not trying to justify it, Im just saying that disregarding this problem as "edgy teen ideology" is counter productive.

I think Cixian Liu was unto something here. He made an analogy of our own very real paradigm between the Human Condition and the Earth as the outmost important thing that we know of.

You are right anyways, what its wrong with our world shouldn't prevent us from making it better.