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It helps to get creative too. For example rubber chickens' heads can be removed and attached to an air filled balloon. I call them scream grenades and depending on the brand it can make a very scream like sound or sometimes closer to an air raid siren. Then twist the baloon and kink it into a door frame. Repeat as desired. As soon as the door opens the tortured screams of the souls burning in hell are released all at once. XD


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Me too! Reminds me of when I used to ambush my roommate with nerf guns. Even worked out a few booby traps. I could definitely see myself doing something like the story above. XD


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I'm sure you will with that attitude! I see plenty of potential in your writing. :) If I took my non-expert non-writer guess I think adding more descriptive words or more personality to the text might have helped. Something to give more of a feel for the characters personalities or emotions and/or more details about the scene or what's going on around them or some kind of context to things about where and why they are, if that makes sense. If I took a guess I think the missing piece is somewhere in those details, but I couldn't say with any confidence.


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Neat! Thanks for writing! :) I find it difficult to imagine being able to focus long enough to write a story every day, but suppose that's why I write prompts instead of stories in response to them.