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I think those only work in Dumbfuckistan mate :D

The formula is pretty simple. Warmer than usual winter, late wet season, equals a shit ton of dry fuel without the normal window for a winter burnoff.

Huge fuel supply, throw in lightning strikes, the occasional idiot with a cigarette, and a few arsonists and half the country is on fire.


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A woman was murdered in her home on Boxing day by a 17 year old who had been arrested for a different home invasion the day before (on Christmas Day), and the police were forced to let him go under the old rules.

His scumbag mates picked him up from the watch house and they went straight to committing another crime, and this time they killed someone.

The "child" stabbed someone during a home invasion the previous year also, and the police were forced to let him go under the old rules.

So three convictions for home invasions in two years, two stabbings, and one murder.

The new rules say if you stab a bunch of people you don't get bail.

Just a bit of context on the "children" the Guardian wants you to feel sorry for.


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>Russia, Canada, and Australia with 8, 4, and 3 people per square kilometer, respectively, but they all have much more uninhabitable wasteland.

~98% of Australians live on ~10% of the land, which is why the average figure is so low.

Even so out cities are much less crowded than most places you could visit. I live in a capital city which is mostly trees outside the CBD.


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I haven't worked in that sort of role for a long time, but when I did anyone who was a rude see you next Tuesday on the phone got work to rule only.

People who tried to be polite we tended to bend over backwards for - there is something disarming about a customer talking to you like a human being :D