Rocket_wanker t1_j81ty08 wrote

Not saying the suit had any grounds, but it was exactly one lawsuit.

Elon has quite a few under his belt now though:

2019 (SpaceX vs AFSMSC)

2019 (SpaceX vs NASA bid protest over a launch procurement, later withdrawn)

2014 (SpaceX vs USAF)

2005 (SpaceX vs Boeing and Lockheed)

Not to mention all the shady shit Starlink has pulled with the FCC.

Lawsuits force change in this industry, acting like one lawsuit somehow shaped NASA’s ability to do anything is absurd.


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Unfortunate for Arianespace, seems like they’ve been in the news a lot in the past few years for partial or complete failures. In and of itself a brand new vehicle failing is not a big deal…although comparisons to F9 are not valid given the difference in engineering approach.

Concur with stance of author in terms of Isar dunking on a fellow space co. for a launch failure when they’re not even close to the launch pad. Everyone has 100% success when you don’t have a vehicle. Makes em look pathetic.