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Probably find that in the U.S.National Weather Sercice - Seattle web page. But most cities listed in Wikipedia show a chart with average temps and rain. I think the actual rain is less than what it seems like. For me personally is the overcast skies that's more of an issue, i.e. the lack of sun, not the rain.


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And its way bigger than just kilometers. Think of lumber for example. Every sawmill has to be retooled to cut in meters and centimeters instead of feet and inches. Everything that is used to measure, everything we build from wood would change in size which may or may not fit where it is needing to be built. This one industry alone would see huge costs which would be passed down to the consumer.


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Lol you don't know much about Washington. The country's biggest retailer (Amazon) is headquartered here. Our agricultural products are shipped all over the country. We supply most of the country's hops for beer. We supply most of the country's passenger jets from Boeing. We run everyone's computers with Microsoft products. I could go on and on. We gained a million new residents since the last census!! The rest of the country is pretty much aware of us.


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The problem is the cost of every factory (in the u.s.) having to retool to different measurements. Every gas pump would have to be recalibrated to liters. Car odometers and speedometers would be useless and have to be replaced. Every mile marker and mileage sign and speed limit sign would have to be replaced.. on and on and on. And this cost will flow down to the consumer. Things are expensive enough already.


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Good luck! We went one year to Ike Kinswa during the week of labor day. Weather was gorgeous and there were only about five other campsites occupied. So quite and peaceful and had the lake totally to ourselves.


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May be too late to reserve anything. Personally I stay away from hot spots on holiday weekends. I go in when they all are coming out :-)

That being said, I like Ike Kinswa State Park and Seaquest State Park.