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For sure things will get wierd. But i also think a lot of new fields will be created. I've been trying to research it. What it comes down to is, automation is wierd and you can never really tell with new tech. I've been trying to be as objective as possible and not be on copium since I'm in school for it. Did you ever have these talks with other translators as the tech emerged and how has it impacted you're career?


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I'm not so sure. Marketers aren't designers and a huge part of a designer's job is to explain to marketing people why something should be a certain way. Plus, I'm not sure a marketing team wants to deal with it. A large reason businesses owners hire photographers and designers is because they don't wanna deal with it themselves, even though anyone can use canva and most people have a servicable camera in their pocket. Plus, designers are responsible for making sure huge campaigns are consistent and it's all documented so everything is always consistent. Something AI aren't doing (yet)


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I'm a design student and have been thinking about it a lot. The thing I keep coming back to is this. For the foreseeable future someone has to direct it. If it could literally do everything on its own far more than just designers would have to worry about thier jobs. So, you fire your design team. So who's gonna direct it? The secretary? I think with every new innovation that let's us make more stuff our endless apatite for content also increases. So, will it costs current designers and illustrators thier jobs? There's a very real chance. But its almost guaranteed whole new fields will be created. Sorta like how a shit load of the traditional effects industry lost their jobs after Jurassic Park. But now there's more effects jobs than ever (and practical effects is still a large industry.)