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People at my office are fucking insane. They start emailing at 7am and flip out if you don't respond by 10. It's always the lowest stakes things, too, and they insist that their thing must take priority over everything else. I start my work day at 10, specifically by request of my department head so that we have evening coverage.

Honestly, I think I'm just going to set up repeating out-of-office events on my calendar to be clear about my working hours and shut off notifications prior to when I start work because the anxiety of waking up to that many messages is unbearable.

If anyone has any ideas for setting up teams and/or outlook to let people know that you're not available at the ass crack of dawn, please let me know.


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In my old city, I really struggled with finding people who gave a shit, but this could not be further from the truth for the people I've found here. There's a degree of selection bias in my opinion, I know. I'm just really happy that I know people who inspire me, challenge me, and push me to be better.


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I have given one of these as a Christmas present (Xtreme Xperience on Dominion Raceway). The gift was given to a car guy who was missing the days when he was younger and would go cruising with friends. They take you to a trailer to receive a training, suit you up with a helmet and an instructor, and then you're off. Of course, you get pretty nickeled and dimed on things like recordings and even having a spectator spot, but for someone who is super into cars, it's worth it. I can confidently say that I won Christmas that year.


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My cat vs plant shelf barricade held up while I went out of town for the weekend! Normally, fat baby loves the forbidden plant snacks, but I shoved them all on a shelf under a grow light and walled them off with cardboard strung up around the shelf. It was so great to not step in vom first thing getting in the door.


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My pipe dream is a separate car route on the side of the park with the kayak dock and golf course that dead ends in a roundabout/cul de sac, and a separate loop just for cyclists and pedestrians with high, medium, and low-speed lanes. Will literally never happen, but I'd love to be able to bike there while also still being able to get my boat in the water.


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I bought a shirt, but I wasn't careful and accidentally ordered it to my old place. It's in a storage locker in the basement, and idk how I'm going to be able to get it sans my old key fob.


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Yes, exactly. I was driving around Manassas this weekend and was driving like 55ish because the road was designed to facilitate those speeds. Boy was I in for a rude awakening when I saw a much lower speed limit sign.

Even drivers who are actively trying not to murder pedestrians and cyclists will fuck up when the road is functionally built like a highway.


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I visited a craft fair and plant nursery over the weekend. I got my new little plant babies and planters all situated this morning, and they bring me so much joy!