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That's catastrophic thinking though. You are predicting something that you will make come true and the key word is you. I can't make promises for everyone but you already set your fate by your thinking. You need to be responsible for your future wherever possible. Your belief is what will ultimately hold you back or set you free.


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I don't know your location and georestrictions to this technology and Humans will always monetise technology. Whether your fears will be truly realised I don't know. We do need to seek open and honest access to this technology. The genie is released and there is no going back anyway. I'm not sure we really know how this is going to go but we can make educated guesses. We do weaponise technology so undoubtedly this will be used for both good and bad that is a side effect of technological progress.

I don't see any major issues with access to this technology currently. Then again I don't live in a country with any georestrictions and I use free access rather than any paid plans currently.


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Is ChatGPT available in Afghanistan?

Ans : No, ChatGPT Not Available For Users In Afghanistan.

Is ChatGPT available in other Countries Also?

Ans : Yes, ChatGPT is Available In Other Countries also. But Due To Some Issues ChatGPT Not Available In These Countries North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, and Syria etc. Full List Of all Countries Given Above

Can you use ChatGPT with VPN? Yes, you can use ChatGPT with a VPN. This is especially useful if the technology is blocked in your home country or school. A VPN, such as NordVPN, helps easily bypass restrictions and use the chatbot no matter where you are.

This is obviously applicable to ChatGPT. I haven't looked at Google Bard. I have tried it briefly but don't know about the georestrictions in relation to Bard.


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It's early days with AI I don't know how much will be paywalled. However if it's part of your job then your workplace will pay for it. If you're learning then there will be student access. It is just a tool and there's much hype about it. I don't see any immediate threat that humans won't overcome and adapt to. The progress is startling but that's where we've got a little tripped up. I don't as of yet associate fear with AI just more possibilities. It really depends if powerful people get to gatekeep the power of future AI. That's something we don't yet know.


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Do whatever you want. I've retrained 4 or 5 times in the last 30 years. I don't have a set idea of what job I must do all my life. AI is just a tool don't be frightened by it. Learn to use the tools at hand.


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1.7x10 to the power of 106 is an unimaginably vast amount of time. Currently we live on a rock in space so we'd need faster than light travel to get anywhere meaningful which of course would alter time relative to the initial position. I can't predict what will be possible. However as a species we have existed for a negligible amount of time. I honestly can't imagine humanity existing even a million years from now. Anyway It's not something any of us living today will find out. It's possible Humans will wipe themselves out before then, hypothetically speaking we might create ASI which could decide to wipe us out or we may interface with machines and eventually lose our biological state.


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There's almost zero chance humanity will exist the time frame is around 1.7×10 to the power of 106 years. It took 13.8 billion years of cosmic history for the first human beings to arise, and we did so relatively recently: just 300,000 years ago. 99.998% of the time that passed since the Big Bang had no human beings at all; our entire species has only existed for the most recent 0.002% of the Universe.

Evaluating those figures says to me it's extremely unlikely this should be of concern. I will never know how long humanity exists but it's likely to have come and gone in a negligible amount of time compared to the timeframe for the heat death of the universe to be realised. In fact for the amount of time Humans have existed there could be a hypothetical reincarnation of humanity billions of times in that timeframe. The task for humanity to exist this long is overwhelmingly against it ever happening. In fact humanity it's almost definite we'll make no dent in that timeframe and will have ceased to exist trillions of years before the Universe ends.


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Humans will likely cease to exist as the biological entities that we are now. If we get AGI/ASI then humans will have to biologically interface with machines. I can't imagine humans with their biological frailties surviving billions and billions of years it seems unlikely.

I'm uncertain of the purpose of survival as an end goal. It seems to have no other purpose than to exist and keep replicating/surviving into the future.

I would like to know if matter as we know it can be created out of nothing, although nothing has never been witnessed by Humans there's always something. Logically everything that exists if traced back must have come from absolute nothing. We haven't proved absolute nothing exists though. Of course something coming into existence would appear to be a time based event. So if time doesn't exist then there is no beginning or ending as they are events as a function of time.

Anyway I find the thought of everything existing from absolute nothing extremely puzzling much more so than wondering about existential crisis of the human condition.

I'm not sure how Humans could evade the heat death of the Universe, if that's the actual reality facing us, regardless it's a bold assumption to assume humanity will exist significantly into the future whereby we exist long enough to be there at the end.


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Generate actual consciousness or an illusion of consciousness? The issue is the definition of consciousness itself and there are multiple philosophical definitions and thoughts on consciousness. Even if a machine appears to have conscious thought it doesn't mean that machine is actually conscious. I for example believe I'm conscious because I have awareness of my surroundings and inner reflection of my being. Of course that is my own belief in my experience. However a person could believe they are the only conscious being in the Universe because they only experience their own Intrinsic consciousness, of which they assume is the same as other humans.

So whether a machine has actual consciousness in the way humans experience consciousness there doesn't exist a test. We can perform experiments/tests to see if the machine is representing consciousness in the same way we do but that doesn't mean the machine is conscious.


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That's all this current AI is, a tool. There are no Victorian lamp lighters any more because electric lighting was invented. There are no VHS video stores anymore because DVDs and Blu Rays exist and whilst they co-exist most people stream There's 1000s of examples whereby technology automated or made job roles extinct and this is no different currently. We will adapt and use the tools given to us. Eventually when machines can replace so many of our roles then we'll need technology to integrate this commuting power with our biology. That is some way off being fully realised.