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You may look into a service like wrench or your mechanic if getting it there is an issue.

They don't service every area in CT but I've had good luck with those services out west for really simple repairs like a starter.


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Ah 2nd this. It will usually get you a good few turnovers before it sticks entirely.

Don't even have to do it gently, I used to wail on my old vw starters with a rubber mallet because I swear they'd blow out every year.

Better if you have someone turn it over while doing but not always a necessity.

Check the ground/battery connections too as a just in case.


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I take my fleet to Amity motors and have had a few personal cars through them as well.

Brent is a pretty fair guy. Not bottom of the barrel pricing but fair for whatever work it may be.


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Thanks for the link with the witness reports.

Freaking 1:30 in the morning and they tried to race across the crosswalk? Big shocker she got hit.

New haven pedestrians in general and especially Yale students seem to behave like they always have the right away. I'm shocked I don't see more of these articles coming out with how many close calls I see driving around campus daily. I have seen people literally dart across the street without even looking.

Not that it serves her right but hopefully someone getting hot will make other people more cautious at least for a bit.