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Thanks for the insight!

It also seems like this rabbit hole is much deeper than we initially expected. I saw a clip with Elon all the way back to 2015, pretty much every year saying that they expect FSV to be fully self driving next year. The AI is just not there yet, and maybe the tools we have right now are just not sufficient...


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It seems highways are the easiest of self-driving because of its predictability.

The main issue that needs to be overcome it seems, is that AI has to be able to interpret the world as well as a human does...

With that said, if cars can interact the can move as one and it would be a leap forward.


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I think that in general autonomous driving is already more safe than human driving. Try to check out this guys experiences driving with FSV.

It's quite clear that the AI is just not there yet. Stops at so many places where humans wouldn't. You simply can't rely on the system...

I'm actually also surprised that autonomous driving hasn't become political yet as well.


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I think thats the real reason why Radar is used. Lidar and cameras see pretty much the same, whereas the wavelength of Radar can penetrate things like rain and snow, and thereby provide good "sight" under those conditions...

I think going full "predator" mode with infrared and uv would not make so much sensegif


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As a family we plan to buy an autonomous vehicle as a robotaxi when level 5 has arrived, because at that point you have a business that takes care of itself...

Level 5 is very difficult to achieve, but once it's achieved we believe that we can use the vehicle just like when we Airbnb our house.
I think that's the main reason lvl 5 will change the world. Your car becomes a business and fever people will require a car, because the cars are pooled...