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This happens relatively often here, unfortunately. There is a group of Proud Boys in town and there's a known KKK group in the Branson area. And then there's Blue Eye. Pretty much a sundown town. There are the 417 Honkeys, too, but they tend to be less threatening in terms of white supremacy and more threatening in terms of being absolute tweakers.


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Yo whatssup, I'm a dad. I'm trans. I know trans kids. Trans kids are SIGNIFICANTLY less likely to consider or commit suicide with the healthcare they need. You know, the healthcare that every medically affiliated organization in the nation says saves lives. Which is blockers and HRT.

Also we aren't forcing anyone to give their kids HRT or blockers, dingus.


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We've spoken before on a different platform, I abandoned it a long time back. I've enjoyed watching your updates on Reddit, though. I'm proud of you and feel a sense of relief for you- especially considering the state of the world for us. Some folks are just nomads at heart and having a dwelling won't change that, but hopefully it gives you a sense of security- and a place of security. Things you deserve.


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I'm a leftist gun enthusiast and just... wut. I'm a minority and feel safer with a gun. I practice safety with it, train with it, and my kids don't even know it exists. It's stashed away in a safe and private location. But when I fear I might be hate crimed in a situation I like to have it on me, unloaded because nobody expects a trans person to be carrying a firearm and that alone could save my life. There are millions upon millions of guns in the US and, relatively speaking, very very very few are used for gun violence. Like a hundredths of one percent, if not fewer.

Yes. Gun violence is a problem. There should be reasonable protections. But overall gun bans are not the way.


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Cry about it, I reckon? I have no idea. There's a lot of internalized hate within the government. And I'm not trying to say it's been likely to have been overturned, but like the other user said, we thought the same of Roe. And LvV used RvW as precedence, as did OvH. That's why people have been concerned.


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If overturned they could stop an interracial marriage just like they would a same sex one. It would become nullified and simply not recognized under the eyes of the law anymore. There have been a lot of legal conversations about what would happen to same sex spouses if Obergefell v Hodges was overturned and I assume the same would apply to Loving v Virginia.


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I'm a (legitimate, not democrat) leftist but grew up in a very red rural part of Missouri and can confirm that a whole lot of conservatives are pro cannabis. I think that's a pretty unifying "issue", honestly. It's the language of the bill that has some folks concerned and voting no, and I know a number of folks on the left who are opposed to the amendment because of that.