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That is not how governments work. When we went to war in Iraq, it wasn't on behalf of the Americans who voted for Bush or supported the war. I am complicit in my nations foreign policy. My taxes, my labor, and my consumption contribute to the nation and my government represents me regardless of my agreement on any given issue. Putin is a problem created by Russians and they are guilty of his actions done on their behalf.


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My point is section 230 shouldn't exist. Either the company is responsible for the posted content or it isn't.

A company removing content it does not agree with gives content it doesn't remove its implied endorsement. They can't have it both ways.


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The platforms generally prioritize posts not by content but by interactions. The algorithm doesn't know what message any individual post conveys, it only knows that the post will lead to a desired outcome (clicks, shares, likes, what have you)


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The problem is that when a person makes a value judgment on content and uses it to promote (or not) that speech, it is censorship. If a platform is going to censor speech, they should be accountable for that speech.


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prioritizing content is censorship.

I believe that it is fine if platforms want to censor content, but if they are going to take responsibility for some of the speech on their platform, they should have to be liable for all speech on their platform.

If we are going to allow nameless tech employees to determine who gets the megaphone in society with no public accountability, we should at least be able to use litigation to keep the size of their megaphone in check.


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Yeah, just the "mechanics" I get it. My point was in agreement with the other commenter. We both think the "mechanics" of blowjobs and anal sex should be included in public schools. I think you agree with me. It's the public schools job to teach kids about a very intimate personal thing like sex and not parents.


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I agree with you. I was talking about those ignorant bigots who think a school should teach math, reading, and science. Clearly, schools are already doing so well with those subjects they have time for extra stuff. There are some backward mouth breathers out there who believe sex should be taught by parents even though it's uncomfortable and yucky.