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Yea thats the problem... theyre against lockdowns and vaccines and masks??? and they deny the existence of covid, claiming its a left wing hoax. That made covid spread out of control, obviously, just like they knew it would. They just wanted a political tool and now covid will probably never go away. If they were in control we'd just have more needless covid deaths. Their president wanted us to inject bleach. FUCKING BLEACH.

I had to quit my job because people in my area keep going crazy when i wear a mask. Theyre almost ready to swing on people if they see them wear a mask.


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The economy is getting better, but youre only looking at a few parts of the whole picture. Inflation is huge right now and even that is eclipsed by the greed of the wealthy, which has massively increased the cost of living. The gas price spike and cost of meds like insulin are a good example of the greed.

And that wage increase doesnt mean much. Its just an average. Many peoples wage increases yearly to accout for inflation, but thats lagging behind inflation quite a bit. Min wage workers didnt see much wage increase at all. The wealthy certainly raised the average for themselves tho.


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The economy is starting to improve, but its still much worse than it was not long ago. Wages are NOT growing and the cost of living has gone through the roof. Americans have no spending money. Many companies are seeing record profits, but many others are seeing record lows.

The tech industry is having a bit of a stumble. Amazon, Meta, and Twitter have had big layoffs for various reasons. In googles case, i dont think job cuts are certain yet, but theyve been trying to cut costs like crazy lately. Im not an expert so i cant say why for sure, but the economy is not doing great.

You can trace our current economic issues to GOP handling of the pandemic, and more importantly, the constant harm they cause it through bad policies.


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The EU has actually been putting more restrictions than most from what ive seen. China has immensely strict restrictions on its tech industry, just ask Jack Ma. And up till Facebook incurred the wrath of Dems by using its power to propagandize voters, tech companies have had free reign in the US. Still do in most ways.

I dont see the US trying to destroy the tech industry at all. Tech companies can do almost anything they want. The only one thats got much of the governments wrath is FB and now maybe Tik Tok (same reason as FB).

My point was more that the GOP is actively harming the economy at every turn, which has been terrible for everyones finances.


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Very true. Although its not quite so black and white on the side of dems. There are still too many Dems who support all those things. It is mostly repugnants that support that nonsense though.

I feel like if all these other companies stop supporting GOP then the GOP wont stand a chance. Im shocked that this hasnt happened tbh, with the stakes being what they are.