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"Legal" requirement sounds like you don't really care if you'd kill thousands if not millions of fish by giving them a heat stroke.

Power plants need to cool down their hot cooling water to harmless levels before releasing it back into the lakes or rivers. That is what those giant cooling towers are for. But on hot summer days, their efficiency is greatly reduced and that limits the plant's thermal waste output and thus production capacity. And that is why they should be paired with solar energy to fill the gap on such hot days.


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At a concentration of 1000 parts per million in the soil you'd have to move and kick up a lot more destructive regolith dust than you'd ever hope to get enough gas out of it to protect the excavator from that dust. Not to mention that you're just utterly wasting the most precious resource of all on the Moon.


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Reply to Hoonigan by Jack_MeHoff_01

Captain Disillusion would have a field day on this. But I can also help: Dirt from the wheels doesn't magically disappear in the air over steep cliffs. 1 out of 10 as VFX goes.


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Well, fortunately for you cheetahs are more prone to take flight. Comes from not being an apex predator in their habitat and those damn lions always wanting to bully them.

But yeah, if it would come to a fight, their sharp teeth and claws will win over your munchies and fingernails.


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If you have the decency to just drop dead yourself perhaps. The jaw muscles of a cheetah are too weak to break the neck of any animal our size, and evolution isn't kind to predators that try to tackle much larger animals without an instant-kill strategy.


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To be fair, we humans are not prey animals to cheetahs. There is no documented case of any cheetah ever having hunted, killed or eaten a human. That being said, they are wild animals and may fight if they feel threatened and backed into a corner.