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I can't help but note the irony. The book Bowling Alone is a sociological study of American culture that documents how much more isolated people have become since the 50s, a trend that new tech has accelerated and resulted in poor mental health outcomes. But these people actually bowled. With each other. With other people. Yet they committed this terrible act of ultimate self-harm. Sadly ironic.


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Chester is home to one of the country's largest waste incinerators. This makes health outcomes in Cheter far worse than other places. It actually affects a large portion of the county but it's far worse in Chester where asthma and lung cancer rates are higher.

Chester also has a high number of low income housing in it. Because of this, Chester has been engineered to be poor. You can only live in the housing if you are poor. Once you get a better job you have to move someplace else and often that place isn't Chester.

Much of this was done by the county at the expense of Chester. Chester was the power base of DelCo. The wealthier people moved out of Chester and saddled the city with all of the county liabilities - the poor people and literally all its garbage.

In spite of all this Chester is home to many people who are making Chester better.


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From the article: “I’m saying to myself, ‘I don’t think we have the right poop … I don’t think we have the right story,’” he said. “I want the truth about what the issues are in Pennsylvania and how we can look forward to trying to take the Supreme Court seat in ’23.”



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When I lived in Philly our block had permit parking. It's really amazing to me how few people were willing or able yo pay 30 bucks annually to park on our street. It had a lot of apartment buildings so there were plenty of people who loved there but opted instead for free parking around the neigh orhood.