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There should really be a amtrak cheap kid price to help families out! If planning a trip anytime soon check out around the 7pm slot - there's a lot of $10 tickets at that time and for a family of four that's really not bad for a weekend getaway.


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PA Amtrak rides I believe are set prices. Maybe California as well. No matter what it will be $21 one way to Lancaster from Philly which honestly is a little annoying because it feels too pricey but it is nice to book 20 minutes before the train ride. Really wish Amtrak would get rid of dynamic pricing for the whole system though. And add more sleeper options for way way cheaper.


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Since developers sometimes have no choice but to occupy the sidewalk during construction, Councilmember Helen Gym sponsored a bill in 2017 aimed at encouraging more of them to install covered walkways. Developers who provide those structures can reduce their sidewalk fees significantly. But there have been few takers, partly because the fees are set relatively low.