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100% correct. I’ve removed hundreds of old boards covered in lead paint, without wearing any protective gear, unless the paint is breaking up and peeling. If you’re talking about sanding old paint, then PPE is a must. Just pryng off an old board and tossing it in your truck bed, shouldn’t be an issue.


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Separate. Take the old cartridge with you. (I did this last week. My hardware store had the replacement washer for 19 cents.). If the cartridge is corroded/damaged, a new one should be available for less that $10. Replace or reuse the knob. (I wouldn’t worry too much about the seats. I’ve replaced several washers and cartridges and the seats have been fine.)


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No big mystery here nor cause for speculation about Putin’s genius level, chess game strategy. Warmer than normal temperatures ease demand, lowering prices... The long term solution for this problem is for the UN to grow some testicles, step in, demand a cease fire, offer to administer the disputed territories for a twenty year period, followed by an internationally monitored referendum to determine their future geopolitical affiliation, etc., etc., etc. Time to negotiate folks.


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I think it happens throughout the Roman Empire. I was in Germany last fall along the Rhine and their are towns there built over ancient Roman outposts where city utilities crews and new construction sites routinely uncover evidence of Roman villas, roads, city walls and fortifications. (It’s like uncovering ancient treasures because preservation of these sites bring in an influx of tourist dollars.)


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‘Driving’ (Damn autocorrect!). But you’re partially right. Back then, forty years ago or so, attitudes were different about drinking and driving. Cops routinely stopped drunks, asked them how far they were going, and let them go. I’d watch a football game with my father, drinking 3-4 beers during the game. He’d routinely walk me to the car with a beer in his jacket pocket and say, “Here’s one for the road.” It’s hard to believe now, looking back. (Having experienced both eras, I prefer the modern day anti drinking and driving attitude.)


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CT Route 9 is dark, boring and dangerous. My cousin and I used to drive it often. One night he dozed off, crossed the median (a sixty foot wide grass strip) and woke up drinking in the wrong lane. He figured it out when he noticed the signs were facing the wrong way, and quickly recrossed to the correct side. I can see how people do it... (This case was especially tragic since the victim was a well respected politician...)


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You’re lucky. My mother had an advantage plan and a lot of her care was out of pocket. I have a supplement through my old employer (our retiree group of purchasers is 5-6K people) and we get a good plan for a couple of hundred a month. Depending on your healthcare needs different strokes work best for different folks.