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Just looked it up; so it appears that it has to do with how ice molecules crystallise, air temptation, and the rate of cooling: the spikes form at 60 degree angles and it optimally requires about -7 degrees Celsius. If not it can freeze in more of a “sheet like” pattern which rapidly covers the surface.


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Uh yeah, which is why I called you out on trying to save face when being met with evidence.

The point I made was: voters care about the economy, and that you need to clarify your argument, which you have refused to do.

I’ll rebut your argument once you make one, but so far all I’ve done is fact check you while you tried to save face/ avoided making a clear argument.


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I’ve simply been asking you to clarify your first message, which seemed to be sarcastically saying that politicians don’t care about the economy, and then turning heel and then claiming you were earnestly claiming that when faced with evidence; which is strange because if so, you seem to be arguing against yourself.

Can you simply clarify your statement and state your stance clearly?


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> Why does that economic disruption fail

Well, according to your logic, because it wasn’t a sufficient amount?

Or are you saying that politicians don’t care about economic disruption?

What are you calling for?

Because it sounds like you either don’t believe that politicians care about the economy, or that you want protestors to do larger economic disruptions.


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> I was trying to have a debate about the state of things

No, you’re here to defend the current stage of things, while claiming you’re against it, despite the fact that you’re arguing against people who want to change it and telling them to accept it.

If you’re CLAIMING to say it’s bad, then doesn’t it make sense to use your energy to fix it rather than to tell people to accept it? It’s not an ad hominem, it’s an honest question. Unless of course you’re lying and actually just love this stupid system?


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So instead of saying “that’s how it has to be stop complaining!” Why don’t you advocate for government regulation?

> Many people are entitled now to free YouTube with no ads and also don’t sell my info!

Great straw man, but I pay for YouTube premium.

> Okay, but how is YouTube gonna make money to not only host all of these videos but also let you view them?

From the like 10 bucks I pay them a month.

> is “well Google makes enough money” but they make it because every service has to pay for itself.

What about the profit though? The extra money they make AFTER the costs? What excuse do you have for that? “They deserve it”?

> Frustrating to see everyone shitting on services for trying to make costs make sense

Oh yeah, that’s the reason right? That’s why people are mad? Or is it the WAY they’re trying to make up the costs? You think people are angry because companies are trying to make any profit? Not because they’re secretly stealing children’s data and selling it to predatory third parties?

> Look at Twitter. Losing all this money and yet one of the biggest companies in the world.

Look at Twitter in 6 months, and then look at all the new twitters pop up, and then look at the people be more careful about which “new Twitter” they chose after learning about this current Twitter.

So why do you think Twitter, and all these other massive companies, require you to defend them? Will the world end if they collapse? Will the world be worse if they collapse?


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So it was possible, but too expensive.

And they changed their business model to hide the fee to the users.

And then decided to completely hide it and steal from the users.

Exactly. So instead of accepting the shitty way, I am proposing a better way.

So why do you want to advocate for the shitty way? Are you profiting from this system, or do you just have no imagination for how it can be solved?


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> So then don’t buy it.

I won’t, but I also think other parents have the right to know what is being collected and stolen from their children?

I dont know how old you are, but you know those servers existed in the 90s right?

We played Warcraft 1 and 2, StarCraft 1, and Diablo 1 and 2 on online for a one time payment of 60 bucks.

Then suddenly world of Warcraft came out for free, but requires 5 dollars a month.

So you’re arguing that the thing that was clearly possible and functional for a decade can’t work because… companies today don’t find it profitable.

So I guess my question is: if it was possible in the past, and technology has only become cheaper and more powerful, why is it suddenly impossible now and also why does every company show record profits while everyone is complaining about how they’ve changed?