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Again, that goes to interpretation. Yes, Samantha left on the premise that she had outgrown the relationship. At the same time, Theodore had received the emotional therapy he needed to move on from his divorce. Maybe that was the OS1's true purpose all along, but Spike Jonze did a masterful job of writing a screenplay that leaves that up to the audience to decide.


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Really depends on one's interpretation of the film. OS1 and the personality named Samantha that it rendered for Theodore can be viewed as either a benign and helpful companion or the apex of a strong AI capable of psychologically manipulating humans.


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It's all a matter of perspective. Freeing people from the drudgery of working on an assembly line for 40 hours a week is one thing. Freeing people from passing their own laws, making health care decisions or policing neighborhoods is an entirely different thing. At some point on the way there has to be a real conversation about the merits of freedom from work vs. loss of self-determination.


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At some point. Meanwhile, in my hood I've got restaurants and stores limiting hours and, in some instances, outright closing because the can't find employees. There's going to be a lot of pain throughout the system as the new automation integrates itself.


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By 2030 America's 65+ demo is expected to be ~20% of the population, which is where Japan is right now. If we're going to keep all of these retired people fed, housed, entertained and cared for, we're going to need a lot more automation. We're already experiencing significant labor shortages in all kinds of industries.