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I saw it explained on another post and links to studies were shared. It is a real thing but not very well known. Basically the OOP is saying their back got stress fractures/damage from hunching for so many hours as a kid. PTSD fracture means these fractures can flare up when the survivor is exposed to stress because the body associates the stress with the pain of the original fracture. So even though the bones are healed, the body triggers that pain response on its own.


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Have you considered the huge amount of plastic production and chemical waste that would take place if every user of a Bc implant started testing monthly? We are talking a very large amount of pregnancy tests here. Millions upon millions of people around the world have these implants, you want to multiply that by 36 for the duration of the implant, can’t you see how astronomically wasteful and damaging to the planet that would be?


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And I’m thankful for that last part every damn day lol. No I believe you, but it’s not like people or systems are infallible, con men have scammed their way into all types of positions. It seems OP has no basis for their claims however so in this case seems like a bored teenager They provided evidence for their claims and they’re not wrong at all, I saw the charges. The teacher does have a common name but it’s easy to tell which one is him by the birth year. The courthouse really did confirm to OP’s father that the charges belong to the same man they are concerned about.


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Uh, is there some teacher database I’m not aware of? /s I didn’t think to look up their school’s website, so I didn’t know that. Pretty much done with this post but since you guys have the names available feel free to plug them into the link I shared in my original comment and resolve this issue if you want


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Do you want to talk in DM about it? I understand why you are so worried about it and I am sorry people are being so dismissive. Teachers are just humans and they are capable of hurting children just as much as anyone else, there are news articles about these types of things all the time. I just want to help you be sure that he’s been convicted of these crimes and then I’d like to help you figure out what to do next.


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I understand but that doesn’t really change what I’m suggesting for you to do in my comment. You need to know what the charges are against him and whether he is proven guilty or not. If you’re going to ask us for further advice we need to know those details too.


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CT Judicial Website case lookup

Use this website to search for him and find out what the charges were, if any. Search under convictions, then search under pending case. If he’s been arrested in CT it will be there and you’ll see the actual charges although there won’t be a lot of detail. (Edit: you’ll see whether he pled guilty or not, and if the case is closed you’ll be able to see what the decision was and what the sentence was if guilty.)

You can see what his felony is if it was in CT, maybe this will help clear things up for you about whether he is dangerous or not.

If this man committed a crime against children that includes violence or sexual assault, then this should be brought up to your local school board/dept of ed. (this last part is my opinion and if anyone knows better on which agency to contact please correct me.)

**Edit: disregard last edit. OP you’re gonna have to clarify some things if you wanna proceed.


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Bears have been opening car doors for a long time now, I’m surprised you haven’t seen any videos before, they go viral maybe once or twice a year. I’ve even seen one where the bear climbed in, the door closed behind it, and he was stuck in the car! That was super dangerous because someone had to go let it out.

The way to avoid this is - don’t keep food in your car at ALL, I’m pretty sure one of the videos I saw the bear was going for a single banana.

And lock your doors. You get a two-for-one with this because you won’t get your car tossed by bears or people.


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No, being able to cope is definitely a good thing. Didn’t mean to seem like I was against it!

I have heard of remission for bipolar disorder, which is usually when someone has gone an extended period of time without having a manic episode. But that type of remission is only achieved through the use of medication, 99% of the time. I would assume the same for ADHD honestly, but the difference to me is that bipolar isn’t a neurodevelopmental disorder present at birth. And, most people don’t get full relief of ADHD symptoms even with meds. I guess I’m just stuck on the use of the word remission here because what I’ve read up til this point is that the concept of people growing out of ADHD is outdated and incorrect, and that people learn to compensate and work around their symptoms, but they don’t actually go away.


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As someone diagnosed with it for over 20 years, not a trained professional but I have studied a lot. I’ve never heard of remission in the context of ADHD. My best guess: ADHD remission = masking of symptoms, adaptation, coping mechanisms. How else would a neurodevelopmental disorder go into “remission?” It’s compensatory behavior imo. How this would translate to the imaging results I’m not sure. This is really interesting stuff!