Rudecles t1_jby8lvl wrote

I got it from remembering when Apple produced products that revolutionized industries because they were focused on solving problems with technology instead of marketing technology that no one asked for. Maybe I’m wrong, but the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and home pod haven’t really been the mind blowing advances that the iPod, iPhone and iPad were.

But hey, as long as you’re willing to let Apple sell you on decades old technology as if it was new, I guess it’s nonsense.


Rudecles t1_jbxltfa wrote

Considering Apple hasn’t done anything innovative since Jobs, this is another conservative move by Cook to not get left behind in case Meta succeeds. It’ll be a product that costs 3 times as much as what’s on the market and only the fanboys will think it’s revolutionary. Also it’ll be as ergonomic as a brick.