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You haven't a clue how much in tax I pay individually, but that's not what I meant anyways. Stolen from USA taxpayers. If we ran our households like the USA government runs the country, bankruptcy would be the only national emergency the government could afford. There are an awful lot of millionaires in congress to be having all these problems AND have the highest prison incarceration rate on the planet. They're horrible at their jobs, corrupt, or a combination thereof.


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Fill the screw hole completely with wooden toothpicks soaked in wood glue. Wait a day or two for it to dry. Drill to a hole a bit smaller than the diameter of the screw. Don't overtighten when screwing into the new hole. If you never intend on taking it apart, add some strong Locktite onto the threads of the screw.


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WellI mean, I like swapping jokes outside of those contexts, exchanging pleasantries, play games, sharing cat pics, and other stuff friendlies do. Using it as a platform to change the world or maybe your portion of it I don't think was the original intent.But, like anything, money'sat the heart of it, and whoever's enabling it's many facets are the ones who'll get the most practical use out of it.


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Let me ask you something. Let's take your point and the religious aspect out of it for a moment. What's wrong with people being festive and exchanging gifts? How about the ideas of peace on earth and good will among men? Taking a day or two off, maybe eating well, and possibly hibernating for a bit? However, if none of that appeals to you, then here's a thought: Just don't participate. It's completely voluntary, you know?


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Considering they're probably behind it, off the books, of course. What better way to enslave a population then to turn them against the very instruments of defense they swore wouldn't be infringed upon?