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Absolutely incredible that the long jump world record has only been broken once in 55 years (poor Carl Lewis - virtually unbeaten at long jump in a decade, did finally beat Beamon's record, one jump after Powell just beat it)


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From the BMJ "A large US study published by The BMJ today finds that fewer people die from covid-19 in better vaccinated communities. 

The findings, based on data across 2,558 counties in 48 US states, show that counties with high vaccine coverage had a more than 80% reduction in death rates compared with largely unvaccinated counties."


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No need for the downvote mate, your wording was terrible - it literally reads as 'supposedly fair' that back of house gets a share.

I absolutely agree that subsidising poverty wages with customer generosity is shameful, as is people needing social security top-ups to subsidise tax-dodging megacompanies' shit wages.


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Why 'supposedly'? People go to a restaurant to eat food primarily, and the quality and promptness of that execution is down to the kitchen. Good service is also important, but not the exclusive reason people tip. I've worked in hospitality 30+ years, and seen situations where an inexperienced teenage waiter/waitress takes home more total income than the head chef, due to an asinine belief that front of house deserve all the tips.


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Well, I'm Scottish - never once in 53 years heard someone say that outside of movie/TV/Snoop song/whatever. And... was a light-hearted comment in the first place. But thanks for the 'actually...' educational.