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This guy does not belong in a motivational sub. He's been caught on camera assaulting people numerous times and has been accused of sexual violence by multiple women. He also completely lies about his home country so that he can create a fake persona for an American audience to get excited about.... I mean look at him there with his Ivory Coast flag. The Ivorians must be so embarrassed by him


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I'd hardly have knowledge of Irish women's various "world cup" accomplishments if I wasn't Irish...

Edit: dunno why this is getting downvoted. The comment above implied I wasn't Irish so I pointed out that I obviously am...


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Doesn't matter about popularity. Loads of sports have "world cups" and this isn't an exclusively football focused sub. It's not hard to add either football, soccer or FIFA.


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"might" and "potential" are key words you're glossing over. One of the main points of having a conclusion section is to give some opinion and suggest further studies that future researchers on the topic could examine.


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His point is that it's closer than union. Not the exact same, but closer. Even the tackles in league are closer because they arent as strict when it comes to head contact or wrapping arms. League is a lot less complicated than union and there's also feck all competitive teams in it. You've got Australia, then a massive drop in quality to whoever comes 2nd. I'd also be surprised if a rugby player who grew up in the US never played or watched American football. So the parts that overlap would certainly help.


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Its a difficult and complicated game. It takes a lot of work and organisation to be able to compete with the best. People should be proud to reach that level.

I'm not just talking about the team itself, but the underage system, academies and professional clubs to develop the talent, along with quality facilities and coaching.

The game is probably more competitive right now than it has ever been as well.