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True, but the little LectroFan is easy to pack since it's small and has better sound discernment than my phone, and as a fan addict, I also have a small one that can fit in my backpack that travels with me as well, since it's not just the noise that helps my mind shut up, but the air movement I like as well. The downside to being so used to this noise is when the power goes out, as I'm instantly away when it goes away...


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I can attest that this little thing is awesome. When I did my research into them, this was the only one (with a reasonable price) that uses a process to create random background noise. A lot of the other ones on the market can have loops of sound, and eventually your brain gets used to the loop pattern and when that happens the white/brown/pink noise no longer works as well...


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Depending on exactly where you live, it may be related to the bridge deck replacement that's started on Broad Street over I95. It's part of an ongoing VDoT effort to repair several of the bridges that go over 95 through Richmond. (plus the new project to address the ramps onto 95 from Belvidere)...


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First off, I'm sorry for your loss.

Hopefully, some others that have navigated the process will be able to jump on here and add some insight, as navigating the Veterans Affairs stuff is, complicated, and when my pop passed away he already had everything in place since he knew his time was limited (Agent Orange) and my mother and brother took the lead with that stuff.

Depending on his status after discharge and his record, he should be eligible for some funeral services through the V.A.

You may also want to post this question in a few of the Veteran Affairs, US Air Force, or other US military based subreddits out there, as they may be better suited to help guide you.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss, and I wish you luck as you navigate the unnecessary bureaucracy that is the VA...


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I know a few folks that use the Xfinity service and they haven't had a problem with it throttling down, and personally I have Mint which uses T-Mobile's network and haven't seen any issues with that either, nor my other friends on other MVNO carriers. I pay 15 bucks a month with 4GB of data, but we'll see how things go now that T-Mobile bought Mint from Ryan Renyolds...


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I'm not sure how it is now that they were sold to another company, but the Brooks Brothers outlet in Williamsburg always did me right with suits that look good and won't break the bank...


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Yea, old, uncalibrated, or the units folks get from places like AliExpress can be quite dangerous when in the wrong hands. This video by one of the most entertaining nerds out there goes over how dangerous they can be (quite informative, and his videos are a lot of fun ;) Good luck with your treatments!

Edit: link.


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You would get towed because you left the premises. A few years ago I took a Polisci class and had to brief some cases and selected a few with this exact scenario where the car owners sued for having their cars towed even though they bought something from the establishment that owned the parking lot before or after walking to a place nearby. They all lost their cases.


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Years ago, the 7-Eleven were more lenient with folks parking there for short periods to hit one of the other establishments, they even had a couple of spots where servers at the Village could park. But it started getting abused, the parking lot was always full with folks not going into the 7-Eleven, and that's when they introduced the zero-tolerance policy. I think the abuse escalated when VCU turned the parking lot across the street into dorms. As for the handicap patron, there is a reserved spot for HC placards in front of the Village, and I believe a couple more along Grace not far from Christian's...


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The good thing about Whirlpools is that they've been making fridges forever, parts are easy to come by, and they're simple compared to the Samsungs and LGs. I'm running an 18-year-old Frigidaire that's still running like a champ that I picked up from Lowes scratch-and-dent section, fortunately the scratches and dents are on the side that isn't visible where I put the fridge...


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I've heard the same thing about LG's as well. The overall consensus is that they've made them far too complex to the point if a single, small, generally insignificant component fails, the whole system shuts down. I had bought an LG Inverter window AC last year to bide my time until I replaced my heat pump, and that thing had over 100 points used for its diagnosis board, ranging from probes for the temps and pressures on the high and low side, air flow, and a bunch of stuff that was redundant. While yes, it's an inverter unit, it doesn't have to be made that complex! I'll stick with my now 18-year-old Frigidaire refrigerator with its simple design that the only thing I've had to do so far is replace the water switch and motor for the ice maker...


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Oh, I agree that under normal circumstances, the condenser coil being dirty wouldn't cause ice buildup, but with how incredibly overengineered Samsung makes their brown-goods, I wouldn't put it past them to have some sort of circuit that would cause frost buildup in the freezer. They really need to stick with phones, tablets, TV's and wearables, or dramatically dumb-down the controls for their refrigerators, washers and dryers, and other appliances. But yea, my bet is the defrost board...


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Only downside of the scrappers is they tend to just vent the refrigerant to the atmosphere, and while the modern stuff is way better than the r12 that was used until the mid 90's, it still isn't great for the environment.

OP, there could be a million things causing it to freeze over like that, from a damper malfunction (that control how cold air flows through the refrigerator), to the defrost circuit failing, but one thing that you might try and is one of the most overlooked areas of refrigerator maintenance is cleaning the coil. Most manufactures suggest doing it at least once a year, but most people I know never do it. (The same goes for your HVAC system, the outdoor coil for your AC/Heat Pump should be cleaned annually). Enter your model number and "how to clean the coil" and you should be able to find some videos on how to do it, but with many modern refrigerators, it's accessible from the grill at the bottom of the fridge...

...Edit: actually, it might be a giant pita to clean it, I just searched some Samsung models and the coil may only be accessible from the back of the fridge. I wish you luck...


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At least VDoT will log onto Reddit and give us a heads up when something major is about to happen (amongst many other avenues). There's really nothing with dates on the Richmond DPU website, or on their social media of the work currently being done on Main Street, and the only reason I know that a project is currently ongoing in the Carver neighborhood is because the RTD had an article on it in late February...


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Well, you see, in the 1960's the brothers that own Aldi got into a fight, something about selling cigarettes in the stores where one brother was for it and the other against it, so they split the companies into Aldi Nord (north) and Aldi Süd (you guessed it: south). Fast forward into the 70's and the brother that owns Aldi Nord bought this tiny grocery chain based in Californian called Trader Joe's and expanded that throughout the United States. Around this time, the brother that owns Aldi Süd attempted to operate some stores in the US under the Aldi name, but that incarnation failed and quietly went away, until they reorganized a plan and launched the Aldi we know and love today. So in the hierarchy of things, Trader Joe's would be the nephew of the US version of Aldi...


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Since it's going to be nice Tue-Th, you could probably get some poster board and write your request, and hang out in Monroe Park. I'm sure there are plenty of students who live off of campus that have issues with the places they are renting...


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If you keep running into issues finding it, you can get the SodaStream StrawberryBubly drops and put a drop of it in a can of the Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda, which is readily available. Note: a drop of their CherryBubly in coffee is freakin' amazing! A little goes a long way...


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Dang, wish I had known about their soft open before I went and got a pizza from Arianna's. But on the plus side I'll have plenty of opportunities in the future to get stuff from Revel, and whoever made the dough and pizza tonight at Arianna's did a fantastic job as that was the best one I've had from there yet...


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The good news from last year is in the near future, it'll be international again. It was originally covered under the Customs branch based in Atlantia (or one of those other deep southern states around there) but was moved to be under the jurisdiction run out of Baltimore. As part of that move, they announced that they would be improving and building new infrastructure for Customs Control to meet the standards that were put in place after 9/11, as what is currently there is inadequate hence the reason we don't have international flights scheduled in and out of the airport unless it's an indirect that passes through an airport that has these facilities. I'm not sure of the timeline, but when it happens it should help open up the market some, and be a boost for airport business...