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No, I slowed down from about ~3 12 packs a week in my 20s to about ~12 beers/drinks a week into my 30s. I know it wasn't an 'out of control alcoholic' amount, but it was still having a legitimate, negative effect on my life because I always get a hangover no matter how little I drink. I'm a part-time stay at home dad and 'hungover dad' isn't the dad I wanted to be or continue being.


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LSD is wonderful as well, but I personally don't think I open myself up on it to the level that I do with psilocybin. Routine-wise, it's pretty straightforward. We get our close knit group together somewhere safe and secure, set the mood with some music/lighting, get our doses straight, then we all just chill pretty quietly and comfortably until they kick in past any of the uneasiness that can occur during the come up. After that, it kind of all just organically comes together! Post-peak, we'll go for long walks and explore after the world has gone to sleep.

I usually have a passive plan going into it about things I'd like to talk about or work through - both good and bad. Feeling secure/safe wherever it is that you're doing it is pretty important IMO, as is being with people you trust and are comfortable with. Ironically, a couple hard seltzers help with come-up anxiety and it's one of the rare times where I'll have some drinks now. The fruity drink vibes well w/ the shrooms, too ;)


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I've taken mushrooms, ketamine, and MDMA recreationally and it's very easy to see the therapeutic benefits. The ease at which they allow the user to 'open up' is almost magical. Be careful with ket and MDMA, though, as they can both be addictive and detrimental to your health if used too often. I personally won't use MDMA more than once every 4 months, but it's usually much longer. IMO, mushrooms are where the real magic is ;)


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I was a heavy drinker/smoker when I was young who turned into a 12 pack a week drinker as I progressed through adulthood and into fatherhood. I now no longer drink/smoke aside from a holiday or a truly special occasions and I feel like mushrooms are the main reason why.

I've been taking psychedelics for a long time, but over the past few years my very close friends and I have 3-4 heavy-dosed, therapeutic rejuvenators (tripcations) every year. Crying/laughing, discussing life and its ups and downs without anxiety, discussing things I normally don't discuss with people, becoming closer, and actually working to make things better in my/our lives are just a few of the benefits, or side effects, that have come from these quarterly sessions. Deep diving into health and addictions during our last few trips was the fuel I needed to stop being a regular drinker.

As I type this out, I'm packing my bags for our first therapy session of the year... I can't wait!!