Runner_one t1_j5sg4ge wrote

Happens in the US too. I once had a reoccurring illness for several years that no doctor could diagnose.

Finally, I learned online that some of my symptoms could be caused by a rare condition linked to Africa.

I went to the doctor and requested that he test me for that condition, he refused, saying it was impossible for me to have that condition since it only occurred in people who had spent time in Africa and I had not been to Africa, plus the test was expensive. A second doctor also refused, saying that it could not be the cause. I also suspect they thought I was a hypochondriac.

Finally the third doctor agreed to the test, and bingo, I was infected. Though the condition was linked to Africa I suspect I picked up the condition on my trip to Honduras a few years earlier.

Treatment was a rather simple drug regimen, and except for a few temporary gastrointestinal side effects I have never been troubled again.