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The first time it was an accident (I forgot about them.)

I pretty much only make them when I leave to go on vacation now, so I won't be able to get to them for a week or two. I too lack self control, I just make up for it with strategy and tactics!!


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I’ve been making homemade ice cream sandwiches with biscoff cookies/strawberry ice cream. They key is you have to let them sit in the freezer for a couple of weeks to get the right consistency. But good lord are they delicious.


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in the thumbnail, i thought this picture was a screen shot of a sim-city (or similar city building game) with the map zoomed all the way out.

Also YUM


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I saw one of these as a kid once. My game was “count X type of car on the way home from school” which was probably annoying as shit, but I was six years old.

One day I was like “I saw sooooo many limos today and one of them was even a corvette limo!!!”

Nobody believed me. It was a C3 limo though for sure. 34 years later it still haunts me.


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This happened to me as a kid when i went to go shower first thing in the morning. The door had an attached towel holder which i was using as a handle to slide it. One moment i'm sliding a door, the next moment i'm hold a towel bar mid air and my hand is bleeding from like a dozen tiny cuts.

Definitely not ideal when you've rolled out of bed 15 seconds earlier.


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A lot of it is people just treating you differently. You can grow up in a white neighborhood, but if you’re the only kid at school who gets tofu and kimchi in your lunch, it doesn’t really matter what you self identify as. You will be identified by your peers a certain way.


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Me too! I was born in 1982. I was in college the first time I saw a mixed Asian/white person who was a middle aged adult with my own eyes. It was such a shocking realization that I’d never encountered that racial makeup in anyone older than me (other than my sister who was a few years older than me.)


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Jesus, i can't believe people these days. Awful.

Like seriously, kids are going to get hurt or worse. Halloween is no joke, I'm always very careful to CLEARLY LABEL the bowl of razor blades i hand out to trick or treater's and I always double and triple check to make sure there's never any candy mixed in there. If we can't be responsible, we can't have nice things.