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The biggest factor is probably streamers which lean more dramedy than a joke every few seconds and overall seem to be better at making 7/10 or 8/10 level shows than true classic. Furthermore they take away comedy talent from the networks, and also means a comedian like Bill Hader, Nathan Fielder or Eric Andre can be doing their own experimental things instead of grinding it on a sitcom. Or another example Seth Rogen hits stopped coming in the movies but instead of converting to TV he was able to build a producer resume.

The political climate affects it a bit but probably less for the already sterilized TV than movies or stand up. I don't think Barney Stinson could happen today and new animations having some of South Park and Family Guy more offensive jokes couldn't happen, the main reason they get away with it now is they were grandfathered in from a previous time. Another factor is we cancelled some comedians taking some talent off the board including ones that were likely going to be very active making shows like Louis and Aziz.

I still like a lot of comedies currently on like Shrinking, Ted Lasso, Ghosts, Night Court, Velma, Harley Quinn, Hacks however the last ones I considered true classics were in late 2010s with Mindy Project, The Good Place and Broad City. I don't have many true top tier dramas that started in 2020s either so I guess it's not that much worse.


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Thank you, Season 6 is a very flawed season due to how they were married to the having the big moments in the penultimate and finale episodes. It feels like they're just killing time waiting for BATB in the penultimate and Cersei to blow everyone up in the finale. The High Sparrow plotline's events are mostly done by the end of season 5 in my opinion and they're just spinning their wheels for a whole season.


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Yes, and we know the reason why even though most people here won't admit it. The reviewers and awards are virtue signalling, thinking they're obligated to support a black public school show. The people who think this way have mostly lost their humor which is why they can't see AE's biggest flaw which is that it's just not a banger in terms of jokes hitting.


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The Shield is kind of a transition show between old style of police show and new cable drama ones, so I think it felt obligated to have Dutch and Claudette do some B plot detective cases, but Vic storyline feels more serialized and split into seasonal arcs more than episodic ones, if I remember correctly.


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I think the western hero on horseback with a girl he's saving is a trope that has been used in the genre. Joel in general is very western lead character-y I think with his rugged old school loner vibes. Maybe I'm putting too much on episode 6 being western like compared to the early ones.


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I agree Yellowstone may actually be the least western, it's more of a mob show at heart and appealed to the people watching Godfather reruns on the former Spike TV. But it still has a lot of horsey and cowboy hat guys so I think it's still a bit of a western.


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Euphoria is a major hit that's a teen drama. So what does that tell you, that today's teens go more a edgy route over into wholesome romance. They are too cool to get off on these teen drama mega romances.

Riverdale is probably one of the closest. The mystery element gives it a subgenre that shows like Dawsons or One Tree Hill don't, but overall it goes all in on its big relationships, and is an old school stacking in terms of cast attractiveness.

I think in general romance has gotten a little less popular, you can see it in less love songs. Listen to Stay by Lisa Loeb and Stay by Kid Lorai feat Bieber and you can see how the sentimentality has been stripped out of pop music in 25 years. There is also obviously less romcoms.

Netflix owns the teen demo these days so it's difficult for one of the (imo) higher quality networks to really hit one a successful teen show. The more successful strategy for the other streams is to hit Netflix where they're weakest which is middle aged males. You're better off trying to make a Jack Ryan than a teen drama because right now teens have no interest in giving up their loyalty to Netflix.