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I lived in a smaller town a while back and would always walk to stores and parks, and cars never stopped at crosswalks, cops included. I would flip the cars off, and they would flip it back. I would stop at crosswalks when I drove, and cars would honk and drive past me. Also, don't be afraid to curse at cops. They can't do shit about it.


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You don't really give much details, but if you have the time and are not overburdened, I think you should drive. I drove from CA to NJ years back and had enough time that I could really enjoy it.


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I've lived in both and I feel the quality of life in Monmouth is better. Better parks. Better shopping. Better living accommodations. Based on your commute you could end up in some bigoted communities in OC. If that's not really a concern for you, OC would be more affordable. Sounds like shitty advice, but based on my experience it's pretty accurate.