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I wouldn't necessarily discourage it, but it might be a tough read. Many people read and consume the silmarillion because they are motivated to continue living inside middle earth after finishing the Lord of the Rings and absolutely loving it. If you don't have that motivation, you may have difficulty maintaining interest in reading these ancient myths of a world that you don't have a connection to


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No I'm actually I think you're being downvoted because this is a post about your favorite chapters of the book, and you decided to comment on how much you hate it. It's just you're harshing the vibe of what we're all talking about here.

"Hey this is my favorite thing!"

" I hate your favorite thing."

So in terms of definitionally the purpose of downvoting, your comment does not contribute meaningfully to the conversation. I'm sorry you're upset though


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When I first read LotR, I was very young, 11 or 12, and the Moria section was terrifying.

I used to think Tom Bombadil was boring, but as I'm older I find that section now fascinating. It's so magical and strange. I think you have to read a little more patiently to get into it.


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I highly recommend it. I could have written an essay to post, but it's too much. You can understand that "there are parallels" but this book was so detailed that I came away thinking that what's happening today is far more serious and dangerous that we are willing to admit. Once they really take power, it's over. The nazis toned things down until they got control, then things started moving very fast. They opened Dachau in 1933 for political opponents. They orchestrated the destruction of ALL labor unions in ONE DAY just months after using power. Yet they never won the popular vote and their support had been waning, until they illegally rewrote the constitution.