Ryuzzaki OP t1_jcmya9h wrote

It's not in the app store (yet!), but you can add it to your home screen next to your Clock/Alarm, just like an App Store app.

Open the site in Safari on your iPhone (sleepy.im), then hit your share button on Safari's menu (aka the square with an upwards arrow). You should then have an option to "Add to Home Screen". You can make the name shorter if you like, then tap to Add the icon to your home screen and move it around like any other app.

Hope that helps!


Ryuzzaki OP t1_jckv8qo wrote

Hey folks!

I put together this minimal sleep calculator app after the one I was using (sleepyti.me) was bought out and turned into a giant ad.

If you've never used a sleep (cycle) calculator before, the idea is that sleep is cyclical, with the body going through lighter and deeper phases in roughly 90 minute cycles. This app suggests times to go to bed or to set your alarm, aiming to wake you up in a lighter sleep phase.

It's not quite an exact science, but I find it helpful (as someone who is more of a night owl than a morning person).

Appreciate any feedback and hopefully some of you find it useful!

Update (22/03): Thanks for all the feedback all! As per requests, the site now has a 24 hour mode for those of you who prefer it (toggle between 12/24 in the settings menu, cog icon on the top right). Also resolved some issues a few people were seeing on older browsers.