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Glad you commented and reminded me of this thread because I just had a tailgating experience with a bmw driver. I was going a little less than 80. Point still stands


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Also here’s the thing about passing, you can be passing but still not going 100mph. Some of you just got the need for speed at 9AM for whatever reason


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I’ve only ever had mid to straight up bad scale experiences at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. The first time we paid around 1.5k for exams on my cat just for them to tell us that they still didn’t know the issue, only providing the same variety of possible issues that I could (and did) grab from a quick google search. It would turn out she had a UTI and the droplet meds we grabbed from amazon did her amazingly, all better to this day. The second time was when my dog had eaten a small portion of a roach (blunt) that was irresponsibly discarded somewhere on the property. To us it had looked like she was having some sort of seizure, and being blind to the cause of it, we were sobbing the whole car ride thinking she was living out her last minutes in our arms. When we finally got there she was less limp than when we found her, but still so visibly lax. The young man working the counter expressed little to no concerns and even hit us with “Well, she looks fine to me.” God, I wish I could provide you all with a photo of what she looked like because she did not look fine at all. Anyone other than that jackass could’ve told you that. The other workers took one glance at the situation and seemed to go about their merry way, even cracking jokes casually. These were all young folks who looked no older than 19. You’d think that at the very least they’d show some concern, I mean we were still fearful and in tears over here. They eventually took the pup in and did some exams and it was about 2 hours before we heard back from them. At this point they said she threw up and her breath smelled like marijuana and they’d have to do some more exams and she’d even possibly have to stay the night. We had went back to the waiting room to think about our options. At this point I had told my mom that we should take her back home since she did throw up. It would’ve been another 1.5k or so down the drain otherwise. Money we couldn’t spare. And get this. When we were speaking with the people who were checking us out, also young folk, they couldn’t even tell us what exactly what they were charging us for. They kept repeating the names of what was on the paper when we wanted elaborations. It’s like none of the people working there had the proper experience or etiquette to deal with the customer’s questions. Similarly, at the front desk checkout, we were charged with a final mysterious fee of $12 that they also couldn’t verify where the heck it had come from. I had asked if it were a checkout fee but they simply laughed it off. The trip was an entire headache. I pray that my pets’ health and of all the others on this thread stay great because that experience was one of the worst I’ve ever had.


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I perfectly understand dude dw. My fist instinct upon seeing the post was to try and dig up some sources but nothing came up. Then I tried to track the post down back to the original owner but all responses were “I just screen shotted it idk.” Goes to show how little it takes to convince people these days.