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Don’t worry doc! I’m allergic, damned if I do, damned if I don’t, you’ll have at least 1 customer!


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Probably go to her plane of oblivion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the door is in the plane, and you use the key to get access to the plane, then the key can be used as a replacement to any other key.


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A bit more information is that Will Blank is more superheroy, and Wizard for hire is more action/adventure, with a mystery through most of the book I won’t spoil. (They are both trilogies if I remember right, Wizard for hire by Obert Skye, don’t remember the author of Will Blank)


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It’s not quite that, but Wizard for Hire has a good bit of luck/magic/fate, and is one of my favorite books. Not quite sure what about it, but your story reminded me a bit of Will Blank and the Imagination, so you might like that too.


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It’s partially because your goose profile pic looks like a 2 footed goblin thing with an open mouth when you don’t pay close attention when scrolling mobile, but I do remember your stories are always good.