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To be fair, it's the only GPS watch I've used for running, but in the past I've used a) my car odometer, which obviously has accuracy issues, particularly when you get to tenths of miles or less, and b) my phone GPS, which works OK but it sucks to carry and my apps would always glitch halfway through a run. The Garmin solves all these problems and is at least consistent run over run. And I generally run 100+ miles per month, so I spend a lot of time with it and it's important to me that it's accurate.


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I only used it for like the first month as I didn't want to wear my watch to bed every night. My takeaway was that it read a lot of downtime as sleeping that wasn't actually sleeping. I wake up at 4 a.m. or so all the time, for example, and just lay in bed scrolling my phone till 6 a.m. or so. But that time was tracked by the watch as REM/deep sleep, which was just inaccurate. The distance/GPS though is great, and that's my main use for running.


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I have an old Garmin (can't remember the number, but it's the $200 model) and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. I use the steps and heart rate constantly, and it's great for viewing texts while driving just to see who they're from without getting my phone out. And as a runner obviously there are huge benefits to the GPS. Highly recommend pulling the trigger if you're thinking about getting one but haven't, as I was for literally years lol.


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From the article:

"The aquarium’s 'Seafood Watch' program 'red-listed' Maine lobster last year, urging buyers to avoid the product for the fishery’s supposed role in the deaths of endangered North Atlantic Right Whales.

"The MLA says there is no evidence showing any right whale has been harmed or killed by entanglement in Maine lobstering gear in more than 18 years, and highlighted the preventative measures they’ve taken."


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Probably only print a few hundred, if that. Most poetry printed today is from small presses anyway. If a major publisher prints poetry they're usually old classics in the public domain or really well-known poets like Sylvia Plath or the Beats, etc.