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I answered your comment exactly. And your most recent one is nonsense that has nothing to do with what I said. Quite literally what you wrote was incredibly irrelevant to the conversation, not my response.


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Right…the device I’m typing on was created by people who didn’t want to accept shitty situations so they made a better one. I mean most our tech giants today literally started out in garages with nothing. They pulled themselves up and made things better for everyone while everyone else was complaining, doing nothing, or didn’t even know any better to know things weren’t as good as they could be.

I don’t know maybe you’re a marvel fan. Literally every hero story in the MCU has been someone being in a shitty situation and then pulling themselves up by the bootstraps to get out of it. They made things better for themselves and then eventually for others. That’s why they’re hero’s.


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Read my damn comment again and just try to understand at least one of the sentences. Actions. I am responsible for my actions. Nowhere did I ever claim whatever junk you just spewed out. Do better.


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And how is it wrong? People who want to live in a society clearly want to have an easier life full of pleasures, where the responsibility of themselves is lessened to the point where they don’t have to worry. Where they could purely live off the actions of others with no other positive input. A leach. Tell me how that’s wrong.

I’ve lived in the country have my life and the city half my life. The words I’d use to describe those in the country is giving, hard working, friendly, and family. Those in the city would be selfish, greedy, ignorant, and lazy. And I’m really not trying to be rude, just saying how I saw it. Of course not everyone fit that bill but enough did to allow me to generalize. Of course not everyone fit that top paragraph either but most did and the worst of them absolutely did. It was honestly quite sad to see so many people whining about their situations with no passion or want to put forth any effort on their parts to get out of it when they are absolutely capable of doing so, except they believe they can’t because of these self-made limitations. It’s sad man.


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Thanks for the long explanation. You’re very right that I believe there is a severe misunderstanding going on here. Picking yourself up by your bootstraps said to anyone regardless of how they view things isn’t ever meant to be cruel or an insult or insensitive to their situation (to anyone reading this who opposes the saying). As for your scenario with the dead wife, that’s one situation for example you probably wouldn’t even say something like that but if you did the intent would be out of care, like hey pick yourself up bud, I know it sucks and it’ll never get better but let’s get your mind on something else, find a way to move on. Like let’s be tough but in a good way.

But then again that phrase would hardly ever be used in that scenario, it’s really only ever meant to be motivating as you said or as you said again as a response to noticing someone isn’t doing enough for themselves, so then it’s more like hey wake up, trying to make them realize that by living in that doomer mindset isn’t going to fix anything. You gotta take action. I think of it also as a teach a man to fish vs giving him fish kind of thing. I think you should teach a man to fish whereas I see the other side just complaining that they don’t like the fish or that there isn’t enough fish or what have you. And as I said before I only want to help those who want to help themselves. If you don’t want to pick yourself up then there is no use in me helping you, you’ll be right back in the same spot again then kind of thing. That tells me you don’t want to grow or improve then. But hey again thanks for the long, honest, and respectful response unlike some of the others.


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Literally everything in my life. I am responsible for every single one of my actions and reactions and only me. Every choice I make is mine and everything I do is because I wanted it done. It’s a frighteningly scary world for you if you can’t make any decisions yourself or take responsibility for any of your actions.


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Then be so kind to explain what exactly I missed. Because I don’t see any scenario in which picking yourself up in any shitty situation isn’t the one thing that will help you move forward more than any other.


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So what? That exists. Most of us are fighting for scraps. To you does that mean we just give up? Or rely on others to clean up the mess or make it better? That exact situation is one you pull yourself up and find a way to make it better for you and your loved ones. You can blame those people all day but it ain’t gonna get you anywhere and ain’t gonna fix anything. So stand up and push through. That’s why you only help others who want to help themselves.


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What you do in response to all those shitty things is your responsibility and yours only. You don’t sit and whine. You don’t cry. You don’t complain. You pull yourself up and make that shitty situation better for yourself and those you love. Lost your job? Go get a new one or start your own. Got sick? Fight through it and get better, it sucks but complaining or relying on others ain’t getting you anywhere. Generational racial barriers or whatever nonsense, the second you stand up for yourself and fight for yourself, you’ll find that none of that actually exists or matters.

Not a single soul besides leaches benefit from society. The fact that you don’t even know any self made men or women is really sad to me, because that’s exactly what society needs more of.


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How is it cruel when it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself, provide for yourself, and excel your own career, as well as not rely on others to help you? If you are in a shitty situation it is nobody’s fault but your own so why expect or rely on others to get you out of it? Pick yourself up and do better. It’s not cruel. It’s powerful, self motivating, and shows self responsibility and courage. It’s honest.