SClub909 t1_ja8358p wrote

People will complain about these cheesesteaks then go get a Dalessandro's dry as fuck steak and feel hip and cool.

Actually a bunch of places that are considered good on here that are just meat loaded bread that are dry as hell.

*Not saying Geno or Pat are the best but def serviceable (They aint dry bricks of meat)


SClub909 t1_j6n9d7m wrote

People getting carjacked at that location should be a huge red flag.

Why live or raise a family here when your wife or GF could get carjacked in whats suppose to be a very safe area right now and a high foot traffic area at that.

Outside fishtown tavern.

After people were making fun of fishtown for hiring private security.


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Everyone keeps focusing on the 76,000 for the 10 cops to run it for a year. Which honestly is basically a coaches salary for running a high school team when you split it up between them. I guess the one guy wasn't suppose to be paid but this seems very minor.

The insane costs going to Villanova, cleaning, etc seems like a bigger issue.