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Over half of US states have implemented similar laws and so far haven’t seen any consequences. I’d be very interested to see if there’s any sort of correlation between concealed carry laws and gun violence, considering a majority of states in America were either may-issue or no-issue 20 years ago and the homicide rate in America didn’t start climbing until very recently.


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How exactly are Republicans putting more guns in the streets? A majority of surges in gun sales are a result of talks of gun control. For example right now in Washington guns are selling like crazy specifically because the state just passed an assault weapons ban.

Notably the study doesn’t say anything about assault weapons bans, which are the number one driver of gun sale frenzies.

And one of the countermeasures mentioned in this study is red flag laws, which have very questionable legality. They’re laws that allow a judge to order police to search and seize an individual’s property without a warrant or probable cause.