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Maybe, my point is that they don't specify. There are a lot of fentanyl busts going on over the last few days across the country as part of a huge federal operation. If you look at all of those stories, the highlighted picture is a table full of drugs despite hundreds of guns also being seized. In this one case, they are highlighting the guns and not the drugs. So my guess is these guys are not very high up and that these are small fish.


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The cops can't assume they know who is driving without getting a video of the face of the driver I'm pretty sure. Even with plate numbers they can't actually issue a citation to the owner of the vehicle unless they can prove that it was the person behind the wheel. If this many people are involved, I'm sure they also know this information which is why they refused to be pulled over.


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Nothing to do with AUKUS. EB is hemorrhaging employees like crazy while trying to start the Columbia class. The navy has no confidence in carriers being effective in a modern conflict with china, so they are trying to push sub production and are running into the exact opposite result.


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Which is why we had a mixed market that specifically prevented monopolies... This is not because corporations are acting like they always have. This is because we elected leadership that were on the board of those corporations or are too lazy to explain complex economic concepts like oligopolies.


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Set a profit cap, this will sound a little crazy because it is complicated, but hear me out. Brand new idea. Instead of price caps, you set a profit cap, any money not directly reinvested in expanding utilities and growth has a cap. Set max profits to 5% of the company's value, and anything over that is taxed 110%. The tax over 100% is important so the company isn't incentivized to fund the state.


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Most people I know trying to leave are in their 30's and 40's and realize that even a 15% pay cut means more buying power most other places. I am a turbine generator tester, we have lost about 30% of our workforce for this reason. I am also looking to leave the state sometime this year, but I'm not taking a pay cut, found a bigger house and my budgeted cost of living between food, electricity, insurance and taxes will be about 40% less in Charleston.


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I work in magnetic levitation now for turbine generators. Tried it with wind farms, it was a waste of raw material for the energy produced. It's not an ego thing, it is a common consensus among actual engineers. Solar makes sense for individuals in their home, but is not cheaper than grid energy unless there is policy in place either subsidizing solar or making grid power more expensive. EV's have limited range and we have only developed a limited infrastructure. We are about 30 years of development away in both the mining and construction of an appropriate infrastructure. They require a significant amount of cobalt and lithium, which are worse for the environment to mine than virtually any other material on the planet and the first cobalt mine in the US isn't going to even begin brining out resources for another 10 years. That would be stock ticker LAC or lithium america corporation, feel free to check Hydro electric and geothermal are good green energy solutions, but most people know nothing about either and are talking about solar when they mean green energy, including you.


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 Require less maintenance, yes. No oil changes required and it is a motor instead of an engine. Past EV's are a much higher upfront cost, and when you need to do maintenance, the parts, such as wheel motors, batteries and control systems, are significantly more.  Beyond that's it is easier to fix an engine, than a motor so people who work on their own cars also see their cost skyrocket.
     I was a nuclear officer in the navy and am an electrical engineer. I also have both a Tesla model S and an Infiniti Q50. You're not going to show me an article that changes the actual math and research I've done on the subject.

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Green energy is not cheaper than fossil fuel energy... Unless you're talking nuclear, but cost per Kilowatt is always higher with wind and solar. The only reason this seems untrue is likely due to your local government. My electric bill in SC is $90 a month when I'm there. In CT, with similar conditions, it is about $400 a month right now. Beyond that, EV's cannot generate, they don't have the reliability of a gas car, which is why they don't make sense in more spread out parts of the country.


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CT received $10 billion in COVID relief over all. By the end of last year, our surplus was down to $4 billion, end of this year, a.k.a February, it will be $3.2 billion, and they expect us to bleed it dry. Lamont is using some of it to invest in infrastructure, to his credit, but it won't be enough. Our operating budget is $47 billion, you can subtract special revenue from that, which is about $18 billion and transportation and special projects, which are another $4 billion. But the general budget was $20.1 and pensions were $6 billion and our total tax revenue was only $21.4 billion plus some federal investment. There is still a net loss per year of about $1.7 billion in the budget when everything is added together, so we are living off surplus for now. He does have plans to reverse this by 2024, but inflation has not been applied to the general budget.


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How about car owners and violent hit and runs? We should get rid of all cars. There is a certain amount of risk you have to accept in a society. The elimination of that risk always comes with an elimination of freedom. No matter how much freedom you give up, there will always be some level of danger. I have made that consideration in my life. I don't own a pit, but I love dogs and would own a pit of that was the dog that spoke to me. I also don't like the idea of being shot, but I also don't really like that coyotes come out of the woods next to where my kid plays and like that I have the ability to shoot one if I have too. I'll keep my freedoms, I fought for them and I get the feeling you didn't.