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None of this analysis comes off as credible.

What about the story is derivative? Derivative of what?

Not well acted....

Unexceptional on the technical side? The thing is an editing and sound-mixing miracle.

You seem to be desperate to find a flaw but you picked places that objectively weren't flaws

If you don't like the film bc of all the hype and you want to hide you're being a contrarian fine.

I mean if u want to criticize the flick at least take the safer route of saying the film is pretentious but your comments expose a low quality of film literacy.


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Fox is one of those rarities. He was in the Brat pack, and bc of the scale of his successes in Family Ties as a #1 network show in the ad wars era of 80s and Back to Future, he was the packs bigger star.

But he never ended up in handcuffs or caught in scandal like Rob Lowe, Kiefer, and the youngins Depp & River.

His LA house was the home court of massive Brat pack parties and still no scandals came out of it and after River Phoenix's death. Fox and the rest of the pack and other Hollywood young partiers went more low key likely bc of their agents advice.

That's what caused so much talk when Dicaprio and "The Pussy Posse" as he and Tobey Maguire called themselves got rolling in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Anyway Fox has had a great reputation on sets. Very professional, isn't late, very diligent. His Spin City run was nothing but glowing reports of his conduct on set.

Chris Loyd has been said to be a joy to work with but some have said he can be very stoic or quiet.

The dude came out of the New York stage/theatre scene of the 60s alongside people like Danny Devito, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman, Deniro, and Roy Schneider.

He was a dramatic performer, but loved comedy and since Taxi on TV has never stopped working and always been said to be a cool mutherfucker.

Point being, if there was shittyness in that guys background it would have shown itself by now.

He's been married 5 times and none of his exes have tried to burn his image so that's gotta mean. Something haha.